5 Ways Mobile Payments Help Small Businesses

  • October 6, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
Mobile Payments
Our phones and mobile devices have become an extension of our office by making just about every business function accessible simply by using a mobile app. It is a fact that mobile technology has made doing business on the go easier and that helps small businesses be more competitive. 

One technological advancement that helps businesses increase revenue is the ability to accept payments on a mobile device when a job is complete. The capability to process a credit card payment on demand ensures that businesses get paid faster, reduces the risk for fraud, and saves time because that is one thing we can never get back. 

Below we cover 5 ways that mobile payments help small business owners:

It is more convenient for your customers
A survey conducted by SurveyMonkey found that 86% of people preferred using their credit cards when given the option to make a payment. It is a fact that people rarely have cash on hand or know where their checkbook is collecting dust so having the ability to take a credit card payment makes it easier for your customers to pay for a service using their preferred payment method.  

You get paid faster
There is no bigger time suck than chasing customers for payment when the job is done so providing an option to pay right away while your tech is on-site ensures that you get paid faster. Taking a payment from your customers on a mobile device requires no additional equipment because credit card information can easily be keyed in through a mobile payment app like SwipeSimple. You also have the option to order a card reader like the SwipeSimple B250 (pictured below) that can plug into your phone and this ensures that you can qualify for lower swipe processing rates.

SwipeSimple B250
You can take a payment anywhere
Even though you are not able to be in front of your client, mobile payment technology still allows you to accept a payment simply by keying in the card number in the app while you have your client on the phone or by emailing them a payment link. This is a time saver for your business as it will save drive time back over to your client's home or office building. Our payment software also comes with a desktop version so that you can take payment while you are in the office logged in on your computer. 

Your customers may be willing to spend more
If the job is big and the quote costs a little more than your average service you don’t want to lose the opportunity for a nice payday because your customer does not want to have to pay with cash. Giving your customers the option to pay with a credit card for big jobs or added services gives them the flexibility to break up the payments and not take a big hit on their cash flow. 

Reduce the risk of getting a bad check
There is an inherent risk with accepting personal checks because you don’t know if your customer has sufficient funds until the check clears or bounces. You can eliminate the financial penalties of bad checks by taking a credit card and knowing immediately if your customer has the funds to pay for the work. 

Business Types That Get The Most Out Of Mobile Payments
Any business that operates on the go will benefit from the ability to take a credit card payment as soon as the service or job is completed. Businesses such as landscapers, plumbers, HVAC contractors, and appliance repair are getting the most out of the ability to swipe a card while on site and seeing their money in the bank the next day. 

Our specialty is working with businesses that need to deploy a mobile payment solution. We have the expertise to guide you into a payment solution that works for your business and makes it easier to get paid faster. Contact us today to talk to a payments consultant to find out what options are available for your business. Contact us today!

Watch How The SwipeSimple Mobile Payments Software Makes It Easy For You To Accept Payments on The Go.