Google Business Profile: What is it and how does it help your business?

  • December 9, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
Google Business Profile
Over the last 20 years, Google has become the primary source of information on the Internet, and business owners can lay claim to real estate in the Google-verse with a Google Business Profile. It is a free service that allows business owners to create a profile, list details about the business, add information about products & services, promote special offers, and showcase pictures and videos. In a nutshell, a Google Business Profile lets your business shine when a person searches for anything related to your business or industry. 

The Benefits of Having  A Google Business Profile

1. Your business will be seen by more people
According to Google, four out of five people use a search engine to find information about a local business and your Google Business Profile increases your opportunity to be seen in Google Search. The information that you add to your profile tells Google everything it needs to know about your business and it uses this data to know when and where to show information about your business in search results. 

2. It Encourages More People to use your business
Having a Google Business Profile allows you to level the playing field with competitors in your local market. Your main competitor may have spent thousands of dollars on a custom website, but their Google Business Profile has the same look and features as yours. This standardization provides people searching for information about your business with the ability to comparison shop and not just be dazzled by expensive marketing budgets. 

3. It is a showcase for your 5-star reviews
People love to comparison shop and one thing that comparison shoppers love to look at are your reviews. Your Google Business Profile provides ample space to show off your 5-star reviews and allows your happy customers to toot your horn and do some selling for you. Your business profile can soar to the top of search rankings if you make getting reviews a part of your business process. Ultimately, you will find that it is well worth the time investment to get reviews and feedback on your business.  

4. You can learn more about your customers or potential customers
Google Insights is a reporting feature baked into your Google Business Profile and it provides you with essential data on how people search for your business using a related keyword, where they view information regarding your business, and what actions people are taking when they view your business profile. The information that Google Insights provides is easy to digest and can help you make decisions on marketing strategy and helps you understand how people are engaging with your business on Google. 

We can assist you if you feel that your Google Business Profile is underperforming or you do not have time to invest in getting the most of it. We help businesses optimize their Google Business Profile and we provide ongoing maintenance plans so that your profile stays current and continues to generate leads. 

Our team can audit your business profile to ensure it is set up correctly for your industry and compare it against your major competitors. Using our audit and industry research, we then implement changes to your profile so that people can find information on your business when they are searching for it. Your Google Business Profile is one marketing tool you should not ignore if you want people to discover your business. 

You can see how your business ranks and get a Free Audit of your Google Profile Here: Free Google Business Audit