Clover Online Ordering For Restaurants

  • November 2, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   CLOVER POS
Clover Online Ordering for Restaurants
Restaurants using Clover Point of Sale can make it easier for people to place orders simply by setting up Clover Online Ordering. There is no additional charge to set up an online ordering page and the process to build the online menu is easy as pushing a button in the Clover Dashboard. 

Your existing menu will automatically populate the online page along with your general business information and your hours of operation. Customers can schedule orders for pick-up or they can place an order for dining in. 

Orders placed online can be sent directly to the kitchen and all customers that place an online order are automatically added to your Customer Engagement Suite where you can learn more about your customer's ordering habits and use the saved data to build loyalty. 

As an added benefit to restaurants using Clover Online Ordering your business gets automatically listed in Clover’s mobile app where potential customers can discover your business, place an order and collect rewards points.

Clover Online Ordering has also partnered with The, which is now owned by Google, so you get the additional bonus of having your restaurant menu listed in Google Search and Google Maps. 

Keeping Your Staff and Customers Safe
Clover Online Ordering also allows you to reduce touchpoints with Scan To Order. This is an extended feature of Clover Online Ordering that helpsClover Scan To Order reduce the exposure to Covid by generating a QR Code from your Clover device that guests can scan from their mobile device to access the online ordering menu. Once your guest as decided what they want to order they can complete their purchase on their phone or tablet. 

Scan To Order is a great option for restaurant owners that want to promote a safe and sanitary dining experience. It keeps your staff and customers safe by minimizing contact and allows you to turn tables faster since customers can place their order directly and it is sent directly to the kitchen for preparation.

Online ordering will never truly replace the on-site dining experience but it does provide restaurants with another way to increase sales by providing an option for diners looking for alternatives to dining in. The restaurant industry is very competitive and online ordering makes it easier for you to provide a solution to all potential customers. 

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