Zero Fee Processing | Save Thousands of Dollars Per Year

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Eliminate Processing Fees For Good With 0% Processing

Businesses can benefit from recent law changes and utilize new point of sale technology that makes processing fees a thing of the past.

• Increase Your Profits Overnight
• Eliminate Costly Processing Fees
• Get A Free Credit Card Terminal

What Is 0% Processing?

You can save money on your processing by offering your customers a cash discount when they pay with cash versus a credit card. If the customer pays you with cash, you provide them a discount on the service provided or product purchased. If they pay you with a credit card, they pay a slightly higher price that includes the cost of the product or service plus the cost of processing the payment. 

Customers that pay with cash essentially receive a discount and incentive to pay with cash because they will receive a lower cash price. This is a great way to eliminate or cut down on your your business’ credit card processing fees and encourage your customers to use cash, while still offering the convenience of giving them the option to you with a credit card.

how does it work?

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Make Your Customers Aware With Instore Signage

Signage displayed instore will alert your customers that paying with cash will qualify their purchase for a discount. 

This is a great way to encourage cash usage and let your patrons know that there are benefits to paying with cash.

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The Point Of Sale Software Takes Care Of The Rest

The software installed on our Clover, SwipeSimple & Valor Point of Sale hardware does all of the calculations and math for you so that the process of applying the cash discount is simple for you and your customers. Purchases can be paid with cash or credit cards so you never miss a sale.

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You Save Hundreds & Possibly Thousands of Dollars Per Month

Rejoice in your massive savings because the cash discount technology enables you to save money and keep 100% of the transaction amount. 

Your savings allow you to invest in other parts of your business that will help you grow.

How Zero Percent Processing Compares To Traditional Credit Card Processing

The benefit of 0% Processing is that you can still offer the flexibility to your patrons to pay with their preferred payment method while making sure that your credit card processing costs are covered. The bottom line is that you recieve 100% of the sale amount no matter how the customer makes a payment.

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Traditional Processing

Credit card acceptance enables you to never miss the opportunity to complete a sale. However, there are fees associated with credit card acceptance and lot of the legacy credit card machines and point of sale solutions have not kept up with the changing times and new opportunities in being able to accept all forms of payment and maximize your savings. The downside is that you continue to pay credit cards fees every time a purchase is made.

Fees on Purchases: 2.50% to 3.99%
Merchant Receives: 96% of sale amount 
Incentive to pay with cash: None

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Zero Percent Processing

You get the best of both worlds with 0% processing because you can still accept credit cards for purchases with the cost of processing built into your pricing while offer an incentive for customers to pay with cash. The upside for businesses is the software built into the credit card terminals and point of sale hardware that we deploy comes equipped with cash discount technology that gives you the ability to apply a discount at the point of purchase for customers paying with cash. 

Fees on Purchases: Customer pays for processing fees
Merchant Receives: 100% of sale amount 
Incentive to pay with cash: Incentizes cash purchases

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Get A Free Credit Card Terminal When You Sign Up

Not only do you get to eliminate processing fees but you also get a FREE credit card terminal with built-in software that makes getting up and running with processing cash discounts payments quick and easy. 

Terminal Features Include:

• Countertop POS
• Ethernet, Wi-Fi Connectivity
• Send receipts via email or SMS
• Contactless Payments

Any Industry or Business That Processes Credit Cards Is Eligible For Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

We Can Save Your Business Possibly Thousands Of Dollars Per Year. 

• Pest Control
• Landscape Services
• Lawn Care Services
• AC & Heating 
• Construction
• Contractors
• Plumbing
• Repair/Maintenance

• Pool Cleaners
• Consultants
• Marketing/Advertising
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Fine Dining
• Restaurants/Bars
• Food Trucks
• Bakery

• Grocery Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Gyms
• Chiropractic Offices
• Dental Offices
• Optometrists
• Car Wash
• Auto Parts/Sales

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