Five Website Design Trends For 2022

  • December 27, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
2022 Website Design Trends
As a website building platform developer, we have to stay up to date on the latest website trends so that our system stays current and the websites that we build on our platform use design elements that are up to date with the latest trends. Certain design elements such as navigation, content, and mobile-friendliness are standard design practices. Still, some trends catch fire, and it is essential to know the latest trends so that our customer's websites do not look dated or out of style. This article will cover five website trends for 2022 that we will be implementing in our designs. 

One Page Websites
One-page websites are easy to navigate and force you to prioritize the essential content for short attention spans. They are also optimized for mobile devices where information can be delivered quickly and in a more organized manner. The other benefit is that single-page websites can be structured like a sales funnel where visitors go through each phase of the sales conversion process. 

Good Use of White Space
White space creates balance on a website and makes them seem less cluttered. Reducing clutter makes website copy easier to read and digest and ensures users understand the information delivered to them on the web page. 

Dark Mode Design
Dark color schemes reduce eye strain, and this is important with more people spending time online interacting with their devices. Dark color schemes also allow you to emphasize "Call to Actions" on pages so that you are creating conversions. 

Mobile-Friendly Buttons
Small buttons can cause all kinds of problems with conversions on mobile devices. It is vital to make sure buttons and links are optimized for fat fingers and thumbs so you do not miss out on converting visitors into customers. Larger buttons increase the user experience and help with the accessibility of the website. 

Page Load Speed 
We are making it a priority in 2022 that page load speeds are optimized for the best user experience. Our goal is to load the most important content first to enhance the user experience and prioritize conversions. When a web page loads, there is very little time to make an impact, and our goal in 2022 is to make sure website visitors stick around to learn more about our customer's products and services. 

User experience is at the forefront of our design, and we always work with our customers to implement the best design practices based on their goals. We find that not all clients are up to date with the current website design trends, and it is our job as consultants and webs designers to make the best recommendation so that visitors to our customer's websites have a great user experience.