Clover Essentials Is Built For Small Business Success

  • November 2, 2021
  • /   Jamie Walker
  • /   CLOVER POS
Clover Essentials For Small Business
Clover Essentials Was Designed For Small Business Success
Clover Essentials allows a small business owner the flexibility to accept payments without the use of costly hardware. It is the perfect solution for a hairstylist that rents a space in a salon but needs to provide a payment solution for clients or a landscaper that runs their business remotely and needs a way to accept payments over the phone or the ability to email an invoice for payment. 
With Clover Essentials you have the option of taking a payment without using costly hardware and as your business grows you can add Clover POS hardware such as the Clover Flex or the Clover Mini.

If hardware is not a requirement for your business you can use the Essentials Software to process a payment on your computer or mobile device. In this instance, you will simply open the software and key in the credit card number and this allows you to take payment from a customer that is calling you over the phone or one that is standing in front of you ready to complete their purchase. 
Clover Essentials comes packed with a suite full of business management tools such as order management, customer relationship management (CRM), employee management, and sales reporting. The Clover Dashboard will help you monitor the health of your business and build stronger relationships with your customers. You also have access to the Clover App Market where you can find integrated Apps that allow you to expand the capability of the Clover software.

It is designed to be able to scale as your business grows so you can start with just basics and then add more functionality as sales increase and you bring on more staff. 
Benefits of Clover Essentials:Clover Go Mobile Payments
Process payments wherever your business takes you
No hardware is required.
Accept all major credit and debit cards, checks, and cash. 
Track sales, manage orders, keep track of inventory, manage employees, and get to know your customers.
Keep customers coming back with announcements, promotions, loyalty programs, and more.
 Invoice your customers by email and let them pay online.
The Best Benefit Of All
Clover Essentials is only $9.95 per month. 
Learn more about our Clover Point of Sale Options here: Clover POS

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We are your one stop shop for a variety of merchant service solutions that enables you to accept a payment anytime and anywhere. We have our own proprietary technology called DEBIE (Digital Enterprise-level Business Information Ecosystem) that we use to build beautiful websites quickly and affordability. DEBIE also comes packed with built-in modules that our clients use to manage their customers, sell products online and much more.