Accept payments faster. Easier. Smarter.

Your Clover system accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless payments. Use it as a complete POS or a standalone payment system.

Business in Box Special:

Website & POS Packages starting at $140 per month. 
Perfect for businesses just getting started.

Point of Sale

The content on your website should be simple and easy to read so a wide variety of users can enjoy your copy.

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Do not use images that include text on your website, if possible, as an alternative provide an explanation of the image in text on the page.

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Clover Point-of-Sale

EMV chip cards
Accept chip cards in seconds, with PIN entry and signatures for added security.

Swipe cards
Accept credit and debit cards from all major credit card companies.

Contactless NFC payments
Process transactions on your shop floor or on the go with mobile payment services including Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®.

Scan and submit paper checks as electronic payments.

Add a cash drawer and take traditional payments as easily as digital.

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The best way to accept payments on the go.

The right tools for your business.

Bring your own device
Easy to use software works with most iOS and Android tablets and mobile phones.

Mobile app
Includes offline mode, the ability to save cards on file, and more.

Card readers
EMV-compatible hardware with easy pairing and excellent battery life.

Powered by SwipeSimple

Start Selling Online Today

Ecommerce websites come with the core DigiPaaS features, plus marketing and ecommerce tools.

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All Your Payments in One Place!

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Web Commerce

Set up shop anywhere

Everything you need in simple solution for automating your online payment experience.

  • Choice Digital Storefront
  • Web Commerce Checkout
  • Subscription Management
  • Hosted Payment Pages
  • "Pay Now" — Online Invoicing
  • 100% PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant
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Retail Storefront

Choice at the point of sale

Simple, fast and secure point of sale solutions that fit your business

  • Choice Smart Terminal
  • Full POS Solutions
  • Fully Integrated Payments
  • Low Cost & Free Terminal Options
  • Business Advantage Program
  • 100% PCI DSS Level I Compliant
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Mobile Payments

Mobile & field services

Advanced features made simple so you can run your business on the go.

  • Any Payment Accepted
  • Any Mobile Device
  • Saves Time & Money
  • EMV Ready
  • "Pay Now” / Send Invoices
  • 100% PCI DSS Level I Compliant

A unified commerce experience

Process, Reconcile and Record all Your Payments in one place!